S3 E04: Populism vs Popular, and a love story with a very good chamuyero

On this episode, Dan and Fer go to a therapist to try to sort out their differences…

Also…are all popular policies populist? (and a discussion about Short-term vs Long-term mentality.

And guest Louise Lucha shares with us a great story about meeting somebody who played a pretty nice chamuyero game (of the nice kind, if that’s possible)

Plus our first English-language rendition of an Argentine classic of the season.

We thank our friend and team member Feña Ortalli of Global Impro group for collaborating in the opening piece

Hope you guys like it.



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S3 E03: Friend’s Day Radio Crossover Special

We joined forces with our journalist friend Adrian Bono at his radio show Nac and Pop! With the participation of Melanie Henderson, the show’s producer.

BTW, Feliz Día del Amigo!


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S3 E02: Some Love and Relationships Words (Spanglish Playground Special)

Novio, Amante, Pata de Lana, Chongo…wanna know the meaning of these words? Check out this week’s stand-alone special of Spanglish Playground!

If you feel we left out some important terms, let us know as this is a series, and we can include your contributions later. Sent us an email to contact@bacast.com or post to our Facebook page: The Buenos Aires Podcast.


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La Tercera ¿es la vencida? (Season 3, Episode 1)

Volvimos! We’re back with our third season!

The premiere episode brings:

the return of Spanglish Playground with uses of the word “Palo”

A Brazilian in the expat chat: what’s their relationship to dollars?

A chamuyo session with a back and forth of novedades.During this 7-month hiatus, Dan travelled to the US and South East Asia, whereas Fer stayed in Buenos Aires, where some few minor developments occurred :). Our hosts catch up.

And we bring you once again coverage of the Annual Buenos Aires Chili Cookoff, an expat gathering -in its second edition- that brought together hundreds of people at the corner of Russell and Borges, in Palermo.

Hope you enjoy it!  We’re glad to be back.


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