CFK makes my Facebook wall to go bipolar!

I have on Facebook people of various walks of life, both pro and anti government, and, on the evening of September 13, my wall looked seriously bipolar during the latest cacerolazo, because of the completely opposed messages being posted, coming from the two groups the country can be seemingly divided into :

First you have Team Anti-Government (TAG): “There’s absolutely nothing positive about this past decade, this is a Dictatorship, we’re ruled by a despot regardless of the fact that  she was voted twice into office”… “The only thing that matters is to bring down Cristina so let’s forget our differences and unite our votes”… This group only reads and believes opposition media, and can’t accept any kind of detail, piece of news or commentary that can be positive and/or functional to the government. If there’s anything undeniably positive, they will add a “, but…” to underline the half glass empty. They consider the only way to side with CFK is because of bribery, corruption, political patronage, or sheer stupidity.

On the other side, of course, there is the Team  Pro-Government (TPG). There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the past decade, and if there is it can be justified or blamed on others. They read only pro-Government media, and interpret any kind of bad news, protest or demonstration that is against or detrimental to CFK and her government as a fabrication of the media engineered to topple her.

Obviously, TAGs were either in the protest, or supporting it via SM. Within this group, there can be no doubt, there is a portion of: conservatives, middle-upper class, anti-gay, anti-social programs, anti-trials against Dirty Warriors and so on. The core of the traditional Right, that the CFK camp states represents the entirety of the protesters universe. But those classic argentine rightwingers are only a portion of the “caceroleros”, because you could also find in the crowds middle-class angry at  inflation, dollar restrictions, crime, pissed off by repeated televised presidential messages, suspected corruption cases, etcetera. And there are those who personally despise the President and her team, their style, their ideas, everything, with some, let’s not deny it, calling out loud for her death.

The thing is that, actually, two other groups should be added to have a clearer understanding of the situation.

The mild Anti-Government. Those who criticize the Government, but recognize some good things they wouldn’t change. Some of them felt uncomfortable about joining such a crossover march in which they would walk side by side with some of the aforementioned in the TAG, so they stayed at home. Of course, many of these moderates also went to the march. Some might have even voted for CFK and feel now betrayed or disappointed, but they wouldn’t go as far as shouting “die you whore, son of a bitch”. BTW, in this group you can find many people who identify wholeheartedly as progressives and liberals, who say they don’t buy this is a leftist government. So being in the protest didn’t equate with right-leaning necessarily.

Conversely, you have also the mild pro-Government. They support CFK, but feel unhappy with various things. They may chose to focus on positive achievements, and/or they compare the current scenario to the past or to the opposition, and stick by her administration. But they don’t trumpet a positive-only picture of AR. However, it’s highly unlikely they went to the march.

The moderates on both sides are bashed by the extremists, respectively, for being “tibios”.

The TAGs would say to them:

“Hey, we have to be united if we are to bring down this bitch, forget that you’re left-of-center and I’m conservative, the only thing important is ending this situation”.

Or, the TPG

“By being like that you’re being functional to Rightwingers”.

Unfortunately, the mild anti’s and pro’s are almost absent from the media, they are hidden, or muted, and many times it seems that they keep their opinions to themselves to avoid pissing off somebody close to them, who’s on the extremes.

Furthermore, I noticed reading some threads that at least these two moderate groups can talk to each other, even agree on some things, instead of eliminating each other from their FBs as the TAG and TPG have been doing.

Let’s hope we hear more from these moderates, because arguing with the rest… the extreme loud ones, those who throw freely words like Nazi, dictatorship, Cuba, Venezuela, fascists, communists, all the time…seems to be a waste of time.


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