Give Me a Break!

We are all different when it comes to sex. Some men that I have met at London escorts do claim that they can have sex multiple times in a row. There are times when I believe them, but there are also other times when I feel like telling the men I date at London escorts to give me a break. Just because I have blond hair and blue eyes I am not going to believe that you can have sex 10 times per night.

Why do men have to lie and brag about their sexuality? I am not sure about the answer but during my time with London escorts, I have developed multiple theories as to why. Most men like to think that they are macho. The concept of macho varies a bit, but a man’s virility is certainly part of it. The men I date at London escorts do like to brag a bit and I have learned to take what they say with a pinch of salt.

As a matter of fact, it is not a good idea to brag about your virility. One day you will come across a woman who can just keep on going all night. One of my friends at London escorts ran into one of these men who like to brag about his libido. He got her all excited but in the end he let her down. It turned out that twice a night was his limit. She is not the only girl at London escorts who have been in that situation.

Rather a few London escorts have found themselves in that kind of situation. They have met men who claim that they can do this and that. I think that it is better to keep things to yourself. Sure, it would be nice to think that you are God’s gift to all horny women. But unless it is true, it is not a very good idea to brag about it. You only let yourself down and I am not sure how could it will make you feel about yourself.

Most men are concerned about their libido. I have not met a man at London escorts who have not wanted to discuss his libido and would like to know how he can boost it. Many women feel the same way. The only difference is that women are a bit more honest about their libido. They are more open about their strengths and weaknesses. Sure, women like to have fun, but they know that to make their dreams come true, they need to be realistic. When it comes to sex, it turns out men are the big day dreamers. We all have of our dreams, but having sex 10 per nights is a bit of stretch even when it comes to our wildest sexy dreams. So even though men might think that having sex with a beautiful woman lots of times in a night is something they would be able to do. I do not believe if it was in reality they would have the stamina without thinking of the libido.

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