Daniel Karlin is the founder of Anuva Wines and International Experience South America.

A native of Portland, Oregon, he’s been living in Buenos Aires since 2004 and is married to an Argentine, Lourdes, who’s also the co-founder of Anuva.  Dan has appeared repeteadly on local radio and Television to speak about being an American expat and entrepreneur in the Argentine capital.

Fernando Farías is a porteño radio presenter, producer and tour guide. A former Argentine expat in London, he currently co-hosts the English-language program of Radio Nacional’s Foreign Service, and also works for Aspen FM of Buenos Aires.

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  2. I will begin visiting Buenos Aires regularly and was hoping you learned of restaurants that are still serving 100% grass fed beef. I would very much appreciate if you could let me know. Even if Organic, I am afraid this may be organic grains and not grass.
    thank you very much,

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