S4 E35: Coming Home (Season Finale)

What is the meaning of “home”? How do you define it? Is it a physical place, a connection? Is it the place where you were raised, where family is, where you found love and happiness?

We also hear from expats who returned home to live.

And this is in connection to the fact that…Daniel is going back home, after 10 years in Argentina.

But this is not the end of the show! Find out the details listening to the cast.

Hope you enjoyed season 4 in Radio Led as much as we did. See you around folks!




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2 thoughts on “S4 E35: Coming Home (Season Finale)

    • Hey, Daniel…I’m afraid we will not be coming back with regular seasons. It’s too difficult with the kilometers between Dan and me…he came last Xmas to BA and we recorded a reunion session. You can check it out in our facebook. Greetings!

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