S4 E10: Parenting

What’s like being a parent in Argentina if you’re an expat?

We discuss various topics related to parenting in Argentina, comparing to the States, Italy and China. Education, Food, Manners, Cleanliness, and Attitudes Towards Children are the issues we mention.

With guests: Larry Wienner and Dave Mc Comb from the US and Andrea Tognin from Italy. And via Skype:  Maya and Tom Frost, former American expats in BA and Mexico, currently working as educators in China.

BA Cast #10 7/1/2014 :: Radio Led Podcasts

BA Cast #10 7/1/2014 :: Radio Led Podcastshttp://bacast.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/bacast410.mp3


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S4 E05: Dan “Sarpado” in Brazil

Dan calls us from Sao Paulo to give us his first-hand impressions of South America’s largest city.

And lunfardo expert Oscar Conde explains to us the origin and the meaning of many lunfardo words.

Plus a recap of our beloved piece “Meet the Suegros”, for those who haven’t listened to it yet.bacast405



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