S4 E28: The Asado Tutorial

Our listener Clyde asked us if we could give him some tips on how to do an Argentine asado back in the US, and we brought two experts to talk about the subject: Pietro Sorba, one of Argentina’s top gastronomic critics, and Larry “El Tejano” Rogers, the man for American BBQ in Buenos Aires.




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Season 2, Episode 4: The Pizza Wars

A clash of civilizations,  from three traditional pizzerías of Buenos Aires.

With the appearances of:

The cheat sheet and some pics:

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Cheat sheet for episode 4 Season 2

Cheat Sheet for E04S02

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If you’re interested in more debate, check out this thread…

Muzzarella: A Margherita pizza.

Fainá: A chickpea-flour baked dough that is put on top of the pizza slice.Here’s a  muzzarella with a slice of fainá  -a must combination for porteños-

Pizza y fainá by comounpezenelagua on flickr

Fugazzetta: Onion and Cheese Pizza. This is the one from:  El Cuartito.

The three pizzerìas we visited, arguably the most traditional in Buenos Aires

El Cuartito, on Talcahuano Street

El Cuartito by sauria on flickr

Guerrin, on Corrientes Avenue

by pedist on flickr

Las Cuartetas, on Corrientes Avenue.

Las Cuartetas by total13 on Flickr

If you’re planning on fighting this war, a very useful tool is Yanqui Mike’s Interactive Pizza Map

Also mentioned on the episode:

Salsa Golf: A combination  of maionnaise and ketchup Argentines claimed to have invented. We discussed about this on episode 10 of season 1.

Larry refers to “a guy“ who gave a description of the ingredients in porteño pizza, particularly old butter-like cheese, from his point of view: here’s the article.

“Pizza Directa”: Gustavo, the oven-man at Las Cuartetas, explained this is the type of pizza they have: in which dough and cheese get cooked together. The dough is not pre-cooked, pre-baked, nothing.

“Granizado” says Dan, which means “Chocolate chip-ed”, mainly when talking about Ice Cream, but he wanted to say “Gratinado” (Gratin).

Charrúa: A way to refer to Uruguayans. It’s the name of the indigenous population of those lands, by the time the Spaniards reached the Rio de la Plata in 1516.

We thank El Chino (El Cuartito), Pablo (Guerrin) and Gustavo (Las Cuartetas).

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